Alpha Channel

Get set for an auditory journey into the unknown as Alpha Channel’s debut LP Exotic Tales takes you into surreal sonic territories.
Using live instrumentation, obese beats and a kaleidoscopic collage of samples, the Alpha Channel sound is a mind-bending mash up of quirky electronica and smokin’ loungey vibes.
Alpha Channel is the exotic fruit of two inspired Melbourne based producers Andy Scott and Ben Dudding. The group started through a mutual appreciation of eclectic and left field music that spawned a weekly DJ residency that inevitably led to collaboration in production.
Both producers have been honing their skills for well over a decade teaching music production and motion graphics at Victoria University and JMC Audio College, and have been releasing music to critical acclaim in various groups such as Deepfried Dub, Tranquility Bass and Nice Face.
With the success of releasing the track Arabian Nights on RRR’s album of the month Gourmet Scaven¬ger, Alpha channel are set to release their debut LP Exotic Tales on Omelette Records run by local legend Spoonbill on September 26th.
Exotic Tales takes you on an eclectic sonic journey from the laidback tropical sounds of Taboo Island to the smoking hip hop infused harem of Arabian Nights to the swingin’ funky Ninja Tunesesque A Brief History of Music and Test # 1 to the deep cinematic sounds of International Jetset and Yonder Stars.
Omelette is a Melbourne based electronica label with an international underground following that has seen releases from local and international artist such as Spoonbill (AU), Hermitude (AU), VibeSquaD (America), Lotek (UK), Frank Reggio and Wax Tailor (France) and Editor (AU) to name a few. Exotic Tales is the eighth release on Omelette records and will be distributed Nationally on CD and internationally via digital download through AmpHead/The Orchard.
Alpha Channel are equally well suited for the intelligent urban dance floor as they are for the discerning armchair audiophile, and should appeal to a diverse range of listeners. On stage the Alpha Channel experience extends to a funky audio/visual mash up incorporating live instruments, Vjs and mind melting electronic beat manipulation.
The secret Alpha Channel recipe is a heady cocktail of one part Kiwi, one part Aussie, a squeeze of quirk and a twist of groove. Alpha Channel is the perfect aperitif for lounge lizards and international swingers alike.
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