Circuit Bent

Eli and Jesse were manufactured inside the bowels of a top secret laboratory for the purpose of being super soldiers hell bent on world domination. After the mad scientists realized the true nature of the monsters they had created they tried to destroy the foul creatures they had spawned but were overwhelmed by the sonic insanity and bled to death from their ears.
To this day the location of Eli and Jess is unknown, but their presence on the internet is evidence that the world is still not safe from the global menace lurking around the corner.
Circuit Bent have long been in the Australian party scene and have played all over the country from small doofs to massive festivals like Rainbow Serpent. Their unique and every changing sound keeps audiences on their toes and always interested. They take extra time to meticulously craft every second of their music so that every time you listen there’s something new you didn’t hear the first time.
Circuit Bent have just released their debut EP Trenchfoot through Omelette records and have also release a collaborative free EP
Entanglement (
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