Eastward began as session guitarist. Recording and touring nationally with internationally renowned glitch and dub step artists Opiuo and Spoonbill. His skills were called on by international hit maker Josh Abrahams, Leonardo's Bride singer Abby Dobson and as a fleeting member of Melbourne's Huskey.
In 2015, Eastward's first solo offering came in the way of a psychedelic cinematic number named "Old Green Thumb". An award winning video clip followed, by UK director Ian Gamester. The delightful escapist video caught the attention of national television and helped foster a healthy following of music fans eager to push the envelope.
Today, Eastward gears up for his follow up release, ‘Golden Morning’ featuring Emily Lubitz (Tinpan Orange). Another visually stunning clip by Gamester will follow.
Eastward is a alternate indie art pop electro producer shackled to a seaside studio in Melbourne. His love of analogue synths and collection of guitars (electric and acoustic) build the foundations of his unique style.
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