Frank Riggio

Born in Epinal (France) in 1980 from an Sicilian family Frank Riggio lives now in the south of France, near Toulouse.
Being a music lover since his early childhood, Frank Riggio is a multi-talented artist who excels in both sound design and music composition. After closing down the hardtekno label "Sagaloops" he ran and where he produced several 12'' from 2000 to 2005, he takes a new direction into more intellectual, jazzy and experimental electronic sound collages, forming the project entitled after his own name. In 2007, he produces his incredible debut album, Visible in Darkness, while he also produces music for the French TV Channel Canal+. Since his first album, he has also released a couple more full-length albums, along the same high quality standards he has set throughout the years. Currently, Frank works on multiple art projects, in a great variety of fields such as sound manipulation, music, architectural installations and image processing.
Focusing deeper on Frank Riggio's music, it proves hard to classify his unique inspiration within certain genres. Rich textures utilized in a masterful way, together with deep ambience and a solid yet very humane drumming as well as the excellent use of 'real' instruments, make his work stand out in many ways. Inspired by some of the most influential new age masterminds of electronic music, such as Amon Tobin, Dj Shadow or Bonobo, Frank shapes up his own musical path through a magnificent mix between darkness, mistery and ethnic soundscapes.
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