On a bleak day at the turn of the century, a young man was about to make a decision that would change his life forever. The young Craig O’Kay worked as a sausagemaker at Duddings, a large meat processing concern in the Melbourne suburb of Craigieburn. Few who know him today would have recognized the young Craig. A shy and awkward boy he was not endowed with good looks and had never known the tender ministrations of the fairer sex.
The day concerned was typical. Craig had finished the night shift and had stopped in at a Laundromat to do his washing. As he drifted in and out of sleep when an infomercial caught his attention posing the question, “Do you need a Nice Face?” He leapt from
his chair… He had a vision…
The next day Craig signed up for Niceface Intenational LTD’s experimental and controversial new facial reconstructive and neuro-linguistic programming procedures. Within a year his new visage was splashed across the cover of GOOD BLOKE WEEKLY
in every supermarket and mixed business across the globe.
Niceface international LTD originally began as a Bio-Tech and pharmaceutical conglomerate in South Africa and were set to branch out into the entertainment and media industry. All they needed was the face…
2002 was a good year for former welterweight champion Jim Bryson. His wife had given birth to triplets and his job as marketing manager for Niceface International LTD was smashing targets, but he still wasn’t satisfied. On March 16, he pulled in to the nearest McDonalds for his daily gristle deluxe, when he fortuitously observed a handsome bogan doing a doughy in the car park to a cheerful squad of numb skulls. As the black smoke cleared, Jim recognized the driver of the car. It was a client of Niceface International LTD. His search was over, he had found the face he was looking for.
Craig says of that day, “I was doing some circle work at Bell St Maccas when Bryson goes ‘you could turn this into something’. Well, I did, eh. I used to spin V8 Monaro’s now I’m spinning gold plated records.”
Under Jim’s guidance Niceface quickly became the biggest DJ in the world*, slaying audiences with anthemic tracks like “Doff” and the self-examining “Boozehound”. A new breed of superstar had been born!
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