Tipper makes music for sound systems, with a diversity that ranges from bass fuelled electro-breaks, to hip-hop, to intricately programmed downtempo, to full orchestral compositions etc; music that demands to be played at high volumes to unleash their lethal potential. With a musical background in classical training, and listing influences from drum & bass, to hip-hop, to electronica, Tipper has created his own brand of devastating dancefloor bombs and after club ear-teasers. He is admired for being "streaks ahead," and his "expertly crafted" productions are dubbed as being "frightening yet refreshing"..."if it doesn't move you, check for a pulse."
2005 witnessed the establishment of his own imprint Tippermusic (one word, not two), and he embraced the digital music revolution for the freedom it gave musicians to finally determine their own path. No longer constrained by label requirements, Tipper set about releasing his music independently, mostly via online stores. Some investment was made in CD’s and Vinyl, but ultimately online sales figures showed their declining relevance for his style of output.
Tipper began releasing albums at an accelerated rate. First off was the ground breaking Tip Hop, which focused on merging Hip Hop production with electronic trickery and helped usher in a new genre referred to as Glitch Hop. He immediately followed up with Relish The Trough which was material consisting of compositions from his catalog used primarily for his performances on tour. Both albums found favor in Hollywood, and a number of tracks were used as background in prime time television shows.
His second full downtempo release The Seamless Unspeakable Something debuted in 2006, with Tipper in full guise as an electronica trip hop wizard; tracks from this album also found favor as background music on TV. In 2007 he digitally re-mastered his old vinyl catalogue and quietly released Fuel Years and Higher Ground to the delight of DJ’s globally who had been requesting the very same for years. In early 2008 he decided to make available more of his unreleased ‘performance catalogue’ and thus Tertiary Noise was ushered in.
His 9th studio album Wobble Factor would be unveiled later in 2008, and solidified Tipper’s influence on the burgeoning ‘glitch-hop’ musical movement, especially in the USA. Shortly after its release, his health demanded his immediate focus, curtailing his studio time and forcing cancellation of all tour dates. While recuperating over time, he labored on his new ambient/downtempo LP The Broken Soul Jamboree . Four years in the making, this album showcases many facets of Tipper’s composition and production style, with striking artwork for the album cover and a limited edition poster accompanying the initial CD run.
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