After two years traversing the wilds of his imaginarium, sonic sorcerer Spoonbill returns with his fifth full length album, Canopy. An immersive experience of four-dimensional aural intrigue, the new release is Spoonbill personified, sophisticated and refined.
Known for his refusal to conform to any genre, Spoonbill again defies convention with a seminal work
of funky jazz infused, dub laced trip-hop wonkadelic electronica sound art. And, this time, there’s equal measures of maturity to quirk and a refinement to the eccentricity that defines Spoonbill’s flirtatious frequencies.
The renowned acoustic author invites listeners to frolic through a utopian kaleidoscope of cinematic textures featuring orchestral grooves, warbling horns, beguiling vocals and a fugue of instrumentals all layered within his signature warped sound design in an eminently danceable downbeat release.
This evolution of the Spoonbill, aka Jim Moynihan, sound is a natural progression from his previous album, Tinkerbox, that signalled a pivot from party tunes to cultivated compositions while still retaining a carnivale vibe.
Crafted in his mountain top Victorian studio, Canopy represents a slice of Spoonbill’s home where the sun filters light through treetops for as far as the eyes can see in all directions. Adding to the personal touch is the album cover artwork- a painting created by his father, Daniel Moynihan.
Elegant but cheeky, polished but witty, Canopy is another example of why Spoonbill is one of Australia’s favourite electronic producers and in constant demand on stages around the world.
Liner notes:
All track written, produced and mastered by Jim Moynihan
Track 3 written by Jim Moynihan & Eden Altman
Cover Art: Adaptation of original painting by Daniel Moynihan. Titled ‘Celtic Tool Tree’ - Synthetic polymer and oil on linen, 155cm x 125cm, Copyright Daniel Moynihan 2008.
Musicians Credits:
Eden Altman, Guitar, Bass Guitar & Vocals – Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8
Mal Webb – Trombone & Slide Trumpet – Tracks 1, 2, 7, 8
Kylie Morrigan – Violin – Tracks 1, 2, 7, 8
Jake Savona – Keys – 7, 8
Ani Moynihan – Vocals – Tracks 5, 6
James Maguire – Double Bass – Track 2, 5
Charlie Mgee – Ukulele & Vocals – Track 1  
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