Spoonbill's new EP - Crosshatch is ready to be unwrapped!
One of Melbourne's favourite natives delivers a new offering that weaves through sublime and squelchy synth tones, royally funked-up guitar and horn lines interlaced with irresistible lashings of exquisite bass. All entwined with that cheeky Spoonbill Wonkadelic Glitch Groove.
Spoonbill’s distinguished brand of genre-bending musical amalgam has seen many transformations throughout the artist’s career, which spans almost two decades. In 2015 we were blessed with an all-encompassing exploration of temple-tickling downtempo music with “Tinkerbox,” the artist’s chef d'oeuvre. "Squawkus" followed, which was a complete 180 from it’s predecessor - a 4- piece selection of delectable dance floor ditties filled with relentless, atypical glitch and more intense wobbles than a San Francisco earthquake.
Now the man has returned with “Crosshatch,” a highly palatable quintet of tunes brimming with smooth and calculated guitar riffs, invigorating horn work, and a colossal abundance of just... more
released May 18, 2018
All tracks written and produced by Spoonbill (Jim Moynihan) at MoonSpoon studios.
mixed and Mastered by Spoonbill
Guitar on track 1,2,4 & 5 by Eastward AKA Eden Altman
Horns on track 24 & 5 by Mal Webb
Vocals on track 4 by Charlie Mcgee
Violin on track 4 & 5 by Kylie Morrigon
Bass on Track 1 by Nick Fischer 
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