Laurie Came Home

Throwing out the manual completely, there’s no genre box even remotely the right shape for Eastward’s Laurie Came Home EP. It’s a four track epic of experimental sounds, psychedelic samples, analogue timbres and an absolute disregard for the parameters of the conventional ‘single’.

Recorded at Mini-700 studios in Melbourne for Omelette Records, Laurie Came Home is mixed by Steve Schram and mastered by William Bowden (Gotye, Hermitude, Empire of the Sun). It’s music for fans of game-changing sound crafters such as The Avalanches, Unkle and DJ Shadow. Every single song has its own identity with Eastward meticulously crafting each and every instrument.

Creating an equally compelling visual auxiliary for his music is an imperative notion for Eastward, evidenced already by his video for ‘Old Green Thumb’. Melding together visual and aural influences, Eastward has also used artwork created in the 70s by his grandmother as the backdrop for his Laurie Came Home EP.

With a compelling video for ‘Golden Morning’ and Eastward’s debut live show to be announced soon, there’s more to be revealed yet from this exciting new artist. 

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