The “Nautilus” project is a soup of field recordings, live guitar, bass, synthesizers and countless recordings from studios around the world. The resulting recipe is a combination of flavors from downtempo, electronica, folktronica, glitch-hop, left-field hip hop, brokenbeat, jazz groove, funk, disco, dubstep and more. but that said ,The Mollusk's cutting edge style has such a distinctive sound design that most people find it impossible to relate to anything they have heard before.
The Mollusk started back in 2007 as a solo project, and since had toured the globe with his unique music. The Mollusk has had the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of his favourite artists such as Kilowatts, Bluetech, Bassnectar, Vibesquad, to name a few.
"Breaking convention" is the Mollusk's middle name, with his constant array of inventive ways of coming up with new sounds. These include recordings of a spray can underwater, circuit bending toys and wet towels thrown at a brick wall, among hundreds of other hair brain & fun ideas to create sound art. After recording these sounds, a select few are re-worked in the studio to become a bass line, synthesis, percussio¬¬¬¬¬n and other quirky re-creations.
The Highly anticipated full length album “Nautilus” will not disappoint with its genre stretching array of musical style. The album spans from Crunchy Disco Electro, Broken Beat, Hiphop, Break beats all the way to Down Tempo/Ambient styles, taking the listener on a quirky & epic journey into the deep.
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