Niceface burns like a disco-ball street race in the night sky.” Armand Van Helden
After demolishing many of the biggest festivals and super clubs on the planet, Melbourne’s glam-core bigwigs Niceface have finally dropped their uber-outrageous pant-thrashing debut self titled EP.
The Niceface sound draws from classic and eclectic influences whilst still reflecting a deep respect for the minimal progressive Nu NRG uplifting bogan-core genre. Teetering on a knife-edge between bad taste and genius, Niceface has a visceral and animalistic charisma that will appeal to the ladies.
The man behind the ‘face is Australia’s infamous DJ / producer and street racer Craig O’Kay. Craig is a veteran champion and his need for speed brings a volatile intensity to his music. The man that super DJ Tiesto described as “God with a glow stick” has reportedly had some of his sperm frozen by Justin Bieber who “would one day like to raise his children as my own”.
The EP features vocal digs from dope MC Wayne-O and chunky beat solids from Niceface manager and former welterweight champ Jim Bryson. Cameo shedding licks by Guinness drinking record holder Bruce ‘Super’ Highway, cements their place as the Mecca of pumping dance-floor mayhem.
Niceface has headlined all the biggest and best super clubs and festivals on the planet.* In 2009, a golden disc of the mega-anthem Doff was selected by the Russian government to be launched into space aboard a secret space probe in an attempt to communicate with sentient life forms. It has been rumored on that Craig has been contacted, but no official statement has been released.
2011 will see Niceface touring the ‘domination of doof’ spectacle across the globe, so stay tuned to witness the fitness of the ‘face.
Niceface is no less than a full blown anthemic fantasy!” Pete Tong.
The EP is released internationally by media moguls; Niceface International LTD, and is licensed and available in Australia through Omelette Records.
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