Old Green Thumb

The major struggle in being a modern music lover is finding that diamond in the rough. Enter Eastward, the latest project from Eden Altman, a songwriter, musician, and producer from Melbourne, Australia.

No stranger to the industry Eden spent years sharpening his talents, performing and collaborating alongside artists such as electronic power house's Opiuo and Spoonbill and even once having lived and worked at the Modern Opera of Paris as a sound technician. Now he steps into a new role, exploring and honing the depth and storytelling in his music.

The first contribution from his forthcoming “Laurie Came Home” EP arrives in single “Old Green Thumb” a shimmering track that's synthesized melodies ebb and flow around a vibrant rhythm section. Within his musical delivery he controls all sounds, and wields a variety of instruments to do so, particularly utilizing his love and passion for analogue synthesizers. In his words “Old Green Thumb is an exercise in morphing the sterile computer world with that of nature in all its organic grit and beauty.”

Vibrant, powerful, alluring. This is just the introduction to the wonder that is Eastward. 

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