Swarm Theory

Omelette Records returns to the fold in full force with Spoonbill at the helm of an expanded and improved ship, reinforced for their epic 10 year anniversary compilation entitled: Swarm Theory!
This whopping 16 track album has been forensically compiled to include a choice selection of 16 artists hailing from 7 different countries: Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Hungry & France. The swarm of artists included is at the top of their game and are celebrated globally for their innovations in modern electronica. The collective strength of the swarm outweighs the sum of the individuals and united together this release serves as a milestone for modern groove electronica. Compiled and Mastered by Spoonbill at Moon Spoon Studios, it contains 2 special Spoonbill collaborations with Tipper and Mr. Bill!
As it’s crafted as a listening album rather than a dancefloor release, you will savour getting lost in the diversity and density of the collective experience of this release.
Track Listing:
1 - Orbit - Griff
2 - Moon Swagger - Spoonbill and Mr. Bill
3 - Keep Calling - Cheshire
4 - Who Goes There Dub - Monkeymarc
5 - Africano - Opiuo
6 - Sparticle - Andreilien
7 - Eye Twitch - Eastward
8 - Friday I'll Be Dead - Erik Sumo
9 - Montana - Russ Liquid
10 - Emerald Hooves - Tipper and Spoonbill
11 - Dusted Sunset - JPOD
12 - Proto and the Dragon - Fine Cut Bodies
13 - Wide Load (Soupmix Remix) - Ainslie Wills
14 - Krushed Ice - Alpha Channel
15 - Floating Dream - Adham Shaikh
16 - Frank Riggio - Frank Riggio
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