Symmetric Human Door

Watch your step people, as French Maestro Frank Riggio unlocks the door to the next level with his wildely wikid and sophisticated new sonic masterpiece; Symmetric Human Door.
The Symmetric Human Door LP is an epic journey through a psychedelic afterworld of dark and brooding grooves laden with knarled funk and lichen covered rock licks. Rich melodies thoughout are cohered from a myriad of impeccabley processed samples and lushly fabricated electronica.
From the albums onset the listener is propelled into their own imagination as Riggio skillfully adorns his canvas with a sound spectrum ranging from shattering steel, to warm undulating subsonics. All these disparate frequential elements are smoothly bound through his skillfull and vivid mixmaster.
Symmetric Human Door marks an exciting new direction for Riggio as he effortlessly introduces elements of upbeat groove to his otherwise emotive cinematic movements. Unrivaled, Riggio continues to deliver the most richly finessed electronica you’ve never hear before
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