TFA single

Having spent the last two years writing and recording between Melbourne and north-western Victoria, the voluptuous, genre-bending first offering from Melbourne electro-acoustic duo Junior Jr. is set for release.
Order is a hypnotic blend of live and synthetic ingredients, prepared delicately and boiled in a large pot to form a tasty melodic soup. With the use of field recordings, found sounds, and live instruments, Junior Jr are pushing the boundaries of song-writing, as they serve the listener a delicious feast of eclectic pop-laced fancy.
With the release of Order set for February 2010, Junior Jr are presenting two tracks as a succulent entrée to the main dish.
TFA — the first tasty morsel, rides a fluent wave of emotive, driving instrumentation skilfully giving way to a rich texture of multi layered vocals. With flavours of Fleetwood Mac, and a distinct aroma of 80’s Australiana, TFA’s steadfast beat forms the base for the subtle movements within, and allows the track to sizzle when the time is right.
Rodeo Preacher — the aperitif to wet your appetite, is a rollicking jaunt through 60’s surf culture with its burly guitar lines and pumping electro beat. Best served with Beer-battered prawns and a bleeding steak, this track is bound to take you to the forefront of all things past and leave you craving more from Junior Jr’s Carte du jour.
Junior Jr will be stepping out of the kitchen in January 2010 with their live show. Listners stay tuned...
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