Trench Foot

Somewhere on the cusp between genius and insanity, lies the final frontier of aural pleasure. A hedonistic theme park that represents the final bastion against the mechanical grind of society's flesh-eating jowls.

If there was a sign, it would read, 'Trench Foot'.

Circuit Bent, are Eli and Jesse, two electronic outlaws, hellbent on protecting the people from the sins of the music industry. Their new EP Trench Foot is both psychologically disturbing, and physically challenging, as it takes its audiences into the realm of the aural underground. Dark, dank and diseased, the EP lives up to its name, harking back to an era of war and hardship.

Their sound in Trench Foot is both raw and advanced, as Circuit Bent demonstrate why they have become the pioneers of a genre, they alone have carved out for themselves. Dub Step, Breaks and Glitch are certainly referenced, but to use any of the terms exclusively would be to underestimate exactly what Trench Foot represents.

The detail and workmanship of their sound is obvious from start to end. The last track of the EP, Post Dub, hinting at even more advanced things to come. It's impossible to predict exactly where Circuit Bent will arrive, as their music continues to challenge the conventions of contemporary electronica. What is clear though, is that Eli and Jesse know exactly what ride they are taking us on, and have no intention of letting us go until the very end.

Circuit Bent's debut EP is an example of their ever changing style and attention to detail. Each track is crafted millisecond by millisecond with each sound an intentional detail that will lead you back to discover to every layer.
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